June 29, 2012

Viking Party Cupcakes

My son is eight months past his first birthday, but I had so much fun creating the cupcake cake that I really want to share it! My husbands' family has Norwegian heritage, so we thought it would be really fun to go with a Viking theme. It's surprising how few ideas there are out in the ethos for viking kids parties! It's a shame, really. I wasn't blogging in any form at that point, so the pictures are unfortunately not geared towards sharing on the net. Hopefully you can get the gist of it all!

I modified the amazing pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe into cupcakes, leaving out the chocolate chips. In retrospect I shouldn't have messed with perfection, and left the recipe alone. I also made cinnamon cream cheese frosting with the aide of my sister, Hollywood.


I arranged the pumpkin cupcakes into a rough longboat shape.

Thanks to my oh-so-talented older sister, Hollywood, I dyed the frosting using Wilson concentrated frosting dye. Piping it onto the cupcakes was much easier, faster, and even than using a spoon or spatula.

Smoothing out the "wood". We didn't mix all the dye in really well so there was some variation in the color saturation.

Detailing the figure head and the water. Hollywood has a fabulous frosting tips collection to choose from.

Almost done, aaaaaaaand...

FINISHED! Complete with personal shield smash cake for the little gremlin. The small shield were made by decorating mini cupcakes.It took forever to get the dark green right!

The supervisor.

Impromptu water sensory "table" with Aunt Hollywood to unwind after being so patient while Momma decorated cupcakes.

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