June 23, 2012

Cheese Graters and Earring Storage

So I have storage issues in my home. It is VERY small, with very limited wall space. I also like having some negative space, which is a precious commodity. I have some of that precious negative space in my bathroom. As a rule, I don't hang artwork in bathrooms. The moisture and heat is terrible for canvas and paper. However, what about framing my earrings? I do not have any storage for my hanging earrings. It's fine to pile my stud earrings into my antique jewelry box, but it's rough on the pretty dangling ones. So it's Pinterest to the rescue!

Distressed picture frame with chicken wire.
I have been looking for a few weeks now for the perfect frame to turn into my jewelry rack. I finally found one that was the appropriate size and shape. I found two at my local thrift store for $2.95 each. I'll keep one the original naked wood for a photo. I removed the glass and the back board and spray painted it a bright blue. I waited for it to mostly dry and then spray painted over that with white. About an hour later I went at it with a fine grit sand paper and distressed it. If I do this again I'll probably use a slightly larger grit. I went to my parent's place and absconded with one of Mom's plant cages. I figured it was rusting and going to be useless soon anyways, right? I wire cut it to fit the frame, and since I couldn't find my staple gun (AAAAAAARG!!!) I very carefully hot glued it in. The frame already had hanging hardware so I was done!

          The Inspiration
          project cost: $2.95
          project time: 1-2 hours

The back side of the cheese grater earring tree.
I found an awesome idea to turn a cheese grater into an earring holder. I love up-cycling and re-purposing. I found this old cheese grater for $0.98 at the same thrift store. I cleaned it really well with dish soap and water and used some bright sunny yellow spray paint left over from another project. I would recommend painting the inside of it before the outside. I also highly recommend Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover spray paint. I got some Krylon for another craft and I was sorely disappointed with it. I left the cheese grater outside all day to thoroughly dry.
          The Inspiration
          project cost: $0.98
          project time: 20 minutes 


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  1. These are such great ideas and they turned out great! Love how you did this blue and white on the frames.